I landed at one of my favourite stores, :SK Designs:, good clothes at a great price…a must, and saw his new release, a pack of jeans in two colours called Moloko…so of course it brought to my mind one of my fav groups, Moloko, and how i’d dress for one of their concerts…well, kinda this, so girls, lets get loud and sing…”give up yourself unto the moment, the time is now…”


  1. DRESS: MNK, Knit Dress, group gift
  2. JEANS: :SK Designs:, Moloko jeans NEW!!!….yes…both colours in the same pack, awesome!!
  3. BOOTS: [SC] Surf Couture – Elsa Boots – Black
  4. TATTOO: -DEMISE-Marchosias Limited light, DTCH hunt


  1. HAIR: !lamb. Witch – Powder, 50L Fridays
  2. SKIN: ::Alite::, Alite skin/natural/cleavage/shaved/bald ; susbcribo gift
  3. SHAPE: Estela Snowbear (that’s me) fooled the sliders ; selfmade shape
  4. EYES: ~MC~ Luminous nature, soft moss by Malkavyn
  5. EYELASHES: WWI Snowflakes on my Lashes; POE hunt
  6. EYELINER: [ glow ] studio – Vingue – Eyeliner B
  7. EARRINGS AND BRACELET: *Ticky Tacky* Boho Hobo Jewelry Set (DTC Hunt)