I know it has been a while since last time i blogged…but well, what can i say? Christmas kept me busy and sadly i didn’t get any of my clothes to look so wonderful as they do here, so i was kinda upset. But i’m back and riding again!…and how to stay upset when i log and find these awesome designs waiting for me at the stores? Clothes than don’t need to be taken to the laundry because your niece thought it was funny to adorn your favourite coat with some chocolate sauce….Okay, i’m stopping now of feel selfpity, promise.

As always, i got broke at 50l Fridays and Weekend Fever, i’m guilty, can’t help but smile widely when the NC with the participating stores land at my inventory, and this time, OMG, so many deals  i find impossible to blog them all, so i’ll just go with my favourite outfit, it’s so me i even gave up trying to mix and match.

  • SKIN: (LAZOLLI) – Takako – 03F (last news i got were Lazolli is down atm,so no slurl to it)
  • SHAPE: Plastic Flowers – Sei Shape
  • HAIR: !lamb. Bang Bang Bob – Ink, 50L Friday
  • DRESS: :SK Designs: Nymond WF Dress, Weekend Fever item, but you can get it in a pack of 2 other colours if you don’t get to buy it this weekend
  • TIGHTS: *Sheer* Tights: Zebra, free
  • SHOES: *YS&YS* Xmas 4th GroupGift, Cala Saona Cognac, not free anymore
  • HAIR DECOR: [glow] Studio – Vanila Hair Decor, new year special item
  • EARRINGS: [glow] Folk Lace Earring, new year special item
  • NECKLACE: DECO – Fandangle Necklace Olive, 50l Friday
  • BRACELET: > alaMood < Mora Gabby Honey – Cuff, previous 5ol Friday item…or maybe weekend Fever…