Again….i was all dressed, ready to spend an awesome night dancing with my baby when the phone rang…i knew i knew it!…”Sorry baby, a long time not seen friend just called me…do you mind if we go out tomorrow?”…of course that’s just a excuse when he really wanted to say…”see baby, today my team will be playing a decisive match (when not?)…and i’m in the mood to watch it with my friends, eating pizza and barking at the referee…” What to do besides call some friends and plan a revenge that of course will never be done….just to sit and sigh….if anyone has some advice…please, let me know!!

  • SKIN: [the oBscene] BRAELYN ~ Seraphina OP GIFT ~ tone2, Free, opening gift at the store
  • HAIR: Exile Ada/champagne
  • TOP: R.icielli – BALLONE top / silver
  • LEGGINGS: *LP* Wow leggins Bw
  • SHOES: Vamps HellBent Platform Silver, they were free i think…maybe from a hunt…slaps her forehead …i’m getting old
  • BELT: .:Hermony:. LuckyDeath Belt (black)
  • EARRINGS, LEFT BRACELET: > alaMood < Athshe Frosted Ice, former FLF or WF item…
  • RIGHT BRACELET: > alaMood < La`Rue Holiday & Silver Cuff
  • TATTOO: old school 50, former advent gift from Urbanity sim