I’m pretty sure most of you will laugh at me when reading this…and i’ll not blame you. I have to public confess i hadn’t idea who Edward Cullen was…promise i hadn’t!! I found this T-Shirt and liked it and bought it…but then i got curious about the name on it and decided to Google it so….a film star it seems he is…and i didn’t know!! That’s why i need to stay more in touch about what happens in RL…you guys keep me absorbed and addicted to this and i’ve became pretty amused about the fact i know who some designers are in SL (will not say names, i don’t want to forget anyone of them) and i’m totallly ignorant about new film stars RL….

Btw…i swear i took this pic of me exposing my bare neck before i found out who Edward was….funny huh?

  • SKIN: TIK-TOK Rene-summer smoke-BT
  • HAIR: >TRUTH< Chalice – champagne
  • T-SHIRT: [PO] “My Other Boyfriend” Graphic T – pink (edward)
  • SKIRT: “T.Z.” – High Mini Skirt – D. Autumn Lake Sunset (FLF)
  • FISHNETS: SB FishNet Tights – black/ratty ( i’m so sorry…can’t find where i got them…)
  • BOOTS: J’s Laceup Short Boots (former group gift)
  • HAIR ACCESSORY: ::SPLIT PEA:: Lost in the Woods Hat